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Pan Otlet

Patch Notes 10.08.2017

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  1. Client Optimization 
    1. Optimized game performance for 6-core or higher CPU
    2. Optimized UI
  2. Sound Effects 
    1. Decreased motorbike engine and vehicle skid sound volumes
  3. Bug Fixes
    1. Improved character animation when using throwables while prone
    2. Fixed a bug that occasionally disabled voice chat on the Starting Island
    3. Fixed a bug that caused your character to stand before crouching when revived
    4. Fixed a bug that prevented players from rebinding Unarm to an alternate key
    5. You can now see the mark from the character you are spectating on both the Mini Map and World Map
    6. Fixed a visual bug with the scope while a character you are spectating is prone on a hill
    7. Fixed a bug caused by changing "Graphics" - "Quality" - "Effects" from Settings
    8. Improved the wrist positions on the steering wheel

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